All Parts of You Deserve to Be Expressed with Jamie Jensen

Are you stifling pieces of yourself that yearn to come out? Do you have something big that you want to go for this year?

Jamie Jensen is the girl you need to hear from today. I’m so pumped to have her on the show.

A lover of a “blank canvas,” Jamie shares these juicy nuggets:

  • How attending the famous “Fame” high school in New York City made her shrink and question her self-worth and innate talents
  • How that experience taught her that all parts of you are valuable and need to be expressed (even if “experts” don’t agree)
  • How she fell in love with visual storytelling
  • Why she decided to close her lucrative copywriting agency and start fresh, even though on paper it’s totally irrational
  • The role her intuition plays in making big decisions
  • What is required to create “vulnerable storytelling” that captures the attention of your audience
  • What is true about leaders

Jamie Jensen

About Our Guest:

Jamie Jensen is the founder and CEO of Your Hot Copy, a digital copywriting agency for entrepreneurs with big hearts and bigger personalities. She’s used the power of the written word to help her clients (and herself) increase their sales by as much as 900%. To date, Your Hot Copy has worked with over 300 amazing clients (and counting). Prior to creating marketable content for the internet, Jamie was creating marketable content for the big screen. Her indie romantic comedy film Hannah Has a Ho-Phase won her the Best Feature Writer award at the La Femme Film Fest in 2013. Jamie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Storytelling from New York University, and a Master’s in Producing from the University of Southern California. You can learn more about how Jamie and Your Hot Copy can help you tell your story in a way that sells at



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