When in Rome (or Colorado): Spas [PART 1]


I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of Colorado this week. My family and I are enjoying a getaway … ahhhh.

I find it interesting that when I go away, it takes me a few days to really “get” that I’m not at home anymore.  I really have to work at disconnecting and appreciating all the “newness” around me.  The tendency of my brain is to cling to what I know, to safeness, to comfort, to the “safe” route.  I find it easier, that it requires less effort.  Then I realize it’s also LESS AMAZING than it could be.  So I let go and open to what is.  I explore … become an adventurer … become more ALIVE.

Simply, I embrace the idea: WHEN IN ROME (or in this case, Colorado).

This theme will be rolled out in a series of three posts, three s’s: Spas, sleighs & skis.


On Day 4 of our trip, I jumped on the “it’s time to really relax” train, hired a babysitter for a few hours, and headed to the spa for some “Jenny Time.”  Yay.

Many women (moms especially) find it hard to give themselves permission for a break.  I’ve got 3 words for you that will change your life: Take. A. Break. You will come back to your life more energized, passionate, and ready to be your BEST.  Trust me.

I started my “me time” with a 60-minute yoga class overlooking the snow-capped mountains and beautiful, lush pine trees.  Magically, my mind started to slow down and become quiet. I connected with my breath and allowed myself to just BE.  My body was moving to the music.  My muscles were stretching, melting, softening.  I could hear my heart beating, feel it pulsing.  I felt an immediate connection with the fellow women in the room, with the teacher, with myself.  I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Savasana (final relaxation) was a TREAT.  I felt my body being totally supported by the earth.  There was nothing I had to do, nowhere I had to go.   How … liberating.

After class was over, I thanked the teacher … and walked down the bamboo-lined hallway (pictured above) to change into a plush robe and comfy slippers and hang out in the relaxation room of the spa.  Here, I drank yummy tea and started leafing through an amazing book by supermodel Christy Turlington – “Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice.”  Inspiring and moving.  I was immediately taken in by the foreword:

“Eastern Philosophy says that human beings have forgotten what they came here for.  With all the stimulation outside of ourselves, we have lost sight of the Beloved, our creator, and have lost ourselves as a result.

I truly believe that we have the answers within us, but it takes incredible discipline and hard work to gain back those abandoned gifts we were given as a birthright.”

As I was getting deeper and deeper into the book, my name was called.  Time for my 80-minute body treatment to reconnect with myself, time for quiet, stillness.

I entered the candle-lit room, undressed, lay on the massage table face down and put my faith in the hands of my gifted healer Theresa.  As my skin was exfoliated with red clover, I imagined old stuff, negative energy, and things that I’d outgrown being scrubbed away.  Freedom.

My body was then wrapped in foil and warm towels were placed on top of me.  I felt like I was a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon … preparing to emerge as a butterfly. My mind drifted … and I was totally relaxed.  This feeling is priceless.

I then stood under a shower that was more like a cleansing, warm rain from above … and allowed all that old stuff to wash away.  Peace.

Back on the table I went for a nourishing mountain honey body mask.  My skin was so receptive to the moisture, to the freshness that was being massaged into my body.  Wonder.

When my treatment came to an end, an amazing thing happened: I felt reborn.

Thanks, Colorado.  Thanks, Spa Anjali for the divine offering.

* So … what are your experiences with getting to a place of stillness, quiet … and eventual rebirth?  How do spas, treatments, massages play a role in your self-care? Share your stories and thoughts in the comment section below.  See you there!

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