What Are You Birthing?

I recently experienced one of the most powerful, beautiful days of my life: a Blessing Ceremony to honor me and my unborn child. I learned about this ceremony from my midwife Shivani Lash. I had never heard of it before. Of course I was quite familiar with baby showers and all that good stuff, but this being my second child I really don’t “need” any more stuff yet still felt a very strong desire to do something really special to honor the upcoming birth of this baby.

A Blessing Ceremony was right up my alley. It was a day for women to come together to honor womanhood and lend support as my baby and I make our way into childbirth. The day was mixed with powerful rituals, songs, flowers, rocks, beads, music, laughter, tears. We even had a yoga class especially for us. (That’s a picture of us gals basking in the afterglow of our day together.)

Ilana Siegal, our yoga teacher, was amazing. She spoke so much about this concept of: WHAT ARE YOU BIRTHING right now? A baby, an idea, a new relationship, your next chapter, a business, a new home … what? Think about it. As a powerful woman, you’re either conceiving, growing, birthing or nurturing SOMETHING now. What is true for you?

Where might you need support in bringing this BABY into the world? Really think about it and let yourself get help in bringing this new life into the world. It’s SO much easier and more enjoyable to NOT do it alone. No need to be a martyr here.

As I was thinking about this baby that I’ve been growing … and will soon be birthing, I went back to the beginning when this little one was just a HOPE, a WISH, a DREAM. I remembered that I was writing letters to this baby before the baby was even conceived.

Ya, I’m a big believer in inviting what you WANT into your life like this. It’s worked for me. You need to open up the channels of communication and ACT AS IF what you want is in your life already. I got this tip from Nancy Bevers from Vibrational Child. She’s amazing.

Here’s my first letter to baby close to a year ago …

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Baby-in-Waiting,

Hi. How are you? I’m thinking of you – excited to be able to meet you someday … hopefully soon. Are you ready to join us?

We promise to give you a good, adventurous life. We will expose you to culture, ideas and knowledge. We will show you unconditional love. We will be there for you. We’ll be patient so you can be ready for this journey. Get ready because we’re going to have a lot of FUN.

You’ll have a big brother who is AWESOME. And 3 kitties who are so wonderful. And grandparents who will shower you with love. And parents who will guide to you be everything you can be.

We’re ready for you.

Join us. Love you!

We happily conceived a couple of months after that letter was written. I’ve continued writing letters to this little one throughout my pregnancy. Feels so good to have this dialogue with my baby. Just this week, I wrote another letter to the little one. This is the one that will go in the baby book. I did the same thing for my son 2 years ago. I hope my children treasure these pieces of me.

I hope these letters inspire you to bring your BABY into the world like only you can. Sending you much love and support for whatever you are creating!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Baby –

Hi angel! How are you? Hope life in my tummy has been blissful and relaxed.

We’re coming to the end of our womb journey … getting closer to the next chapter: You being BORN and officially entering our family. You’re already a part of us of course … this being born stuff just takes it to a whole new level. Exciting, right?

Your dad and I have so many dreams for you. I’ll let him write his own letter to you to share his thoughts. He’s a great writer … and a fantastic father. You are blessed.

My wish for you is that you are true to yourSELF in this life. I want you to explore, ask questions, have fun, laugh, cry, feel, take smart risks … all in an effort to find and follow your unique path in life.

Remember this: You are the one and only ever you.

I’m honored to be your mother, grateful that you picked us to be your family, and SO excited to think about the adventures we’ll have together.

Oh – you’re going to love your brother Sean … he’s amazing and so loving! He’s been kissing my pregnant belly since you’ve been living there. He adores you already.

You also have 3 wonderful cats who love you and will protect you. Cali has already been sleeping in your bassinet to keep it cozy. Cricket and Jezzy round out the crew.

So as we move into these final weeks before you decide you’re ready to make your grand debut, let’s just enjoy the ride, shall we? We’ve done a lot of work to get to this point. It’s time to take it easy and have FUN. Let’s TRUST that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be … and that when our time comes for us to do our thing that we will make the absolute best TEAM as we safely, powerfully and lovingly bring you out into this grand world.

No fear, all faith, much love, tons of strength and surrender.

You are amazing. I believe in you!

Much love and light, my angel,

Your mom

** Thanks for your support on my birthing journey. So tell me, what are you BIRTHING now? Where might you need some support in bringing this magic into the world? I invite you to share below.**

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