Dreaming of Tomorrow – Living for Today

Guest post by Regina D’Alesio

Springtime. A time for renewal, growth, expansion and change. Mother nature kicks into high gear producing green grass, fresh flowers, bright skies, warm sunshine on your skin.

Make room for a fresh start

A few years ago I started running to get back into shape. I was never an athlete. I hated running. But one day, I strapped on my sneakers, ran a few miles and never looked back. I recently signed up for a running class to learn proper running form, increase my speed and build endurance for long distance races.

While training in Central Park one day, our instructor took us to Strawberry Fields. The instructor pointed out the memorial created for John Lennon. The mosaic captures the title of his famous song Imagine.  The instructor pointed out the word and said to the group IMAGINE.

Imagine November (when the New York Marathon is held). Imagine what you will look like. Imagine what you will feel like. Imagine the physical condition you will be in. Imagine all the training you will have completed. Imagine the starting line. Imagine crossing the FINISH line.

She reminded us that although November is many months away, training to complete the race had to begin TODAY.

Get rid of the old to make room for the new

Springtime offers endless possibilities  – renewal, freedom, sunshine, long days, bright nights. Like Mother Nature, we too, must come out of hibernation to stop surviving and start THRIVING. Let go of the heavy things weighing you down. Shed the layers. RELEASE. Emerge from the darkness and step into the LIGHT.

It’s time to dust off the dreams we sketched out in January and time to make them happen.

Let nature be your muse. Walk barefoot in the grass. Smell the majestic flowers. Skip. Dance. Laugh. Do Cartwheels. Get quiet. Listen. Dream.

IMAGINE the possibilities of what will be…..

Regina D’Alesio is author of the blog the Adventure Diaries and member of the Gutsy Goddess Society’s Board of Directors. She’s psyched to be attending the 2nd annual Retreat for Goddesses this summer in the Catskills of New York.

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