50 Ways to Afford Something Right Now

Happy Sunday. So last week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with hundreds of “no excuses” kind of peeps at a wonderful event for female entrepreneurs led by Fabienne Fredrickson of www.clientattraction.com. POWERFUL content, energy and ideas. I even was 1 of 3 gals out of the 350 in attendance who scored a Live Business Makeover on stage. Whoa! More on that another time …

Fabienne shared with us an exercise that I’m going to share with you today. It’s all about something that way too many gals struggle with – MONEY.

Well, I’m going to share this exercise with you now.


50 Different Ways to Afford Something Right Now

Most people use the excuse, “I can’t afford that” for not doing something different and really beneficial in their business or their life.  But if you understand that when you ask for something, “it” is always given to you in the form of an opportunity (not a check in the mail, but an opportunity), you realize you can afford that thing.

So, “the way” for you to afford something is already in your life, something you haven’t “actioned” yet. So, instead of saying “I can’t afford that,” change your mindset to say, “How CAN I afford that?” and your mind will immediately shift to finding solutions that already exist.

Take out a notebook and write down 50 different ways (yes, 50, not just 16 or 46) you can make money right now in your business (an opportunity you haven’t said yes to yet) or in your personal life (house-sitting, cooking classes, etc.). Nothing is too crazy or far-fetched to write down.  This is a mind-stretching exercise to help you get more creative about finding solutions.

You’ll then take action on the best 6 or 9.  If you stop short of 50, keep going until you do. (Hint: the Universe will fill the rest in for you.)


I share this exercise with you because the “I can’t afford it” excuse for something you know will get you closer to living YOUR big dream out in the world is a trap. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, who will be? Seriously. Betting on yourself is the safest gamble you can make in life.

When I wanted to attend my first biz conference as an entrepreneur back in 2009, I sold my wedding dress to earn the cash to buy my $1500 ticket. My beautiful dress got a new life and my biz got catapulted in the right direction.

When I wanted to free up some cash around the holidays and clean out my closet, I sold a few Coach bags I had outgrown. Cha-ching = $500 in my pocket.

When I wanted to attend Fabienne’s workshop, I bought my $1300 ticket and then scored a few clients immediately to help fund the ticket.

It’s called being a rainmaker. You too can make rain.

Try it.



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P.S.S. Wondering if the Retreat for Goddesses will be valuable to you … if it will be worth your time, money, energy, effort?

Y-E-S. The Retreat for Goddesses is worth its weight in gold. No doubt. Hands down.

I recently hosted a few special guests on a webinar and they literally brought tears to my eyes when they shared stories of their personal transformations after they attended the 2011 Retreat for Goddesses.

Entrepreneurial maven Angelique Rewers talked about breaking out of her shell to become more open, as a result experiencing massive success on a personal and financial level. She’s gone from experiencing regular 5-figure months to experiencing regular 5-figure days (yup, you read that right). In her words: “My business is full. My heart is full.”

Career changer Anna Ring shared her story about the retreat giving her the courage to leave behind a job that didn’t fill her up anymore to embrace the next step on her career path. She started her new gig this month at an innovative start-up and is psyched.

Businesswoman turned stay-at-home mom Monica Teng revealed how coming to the Retreat for Goddesses allowed her to heal after the illness and passing of her father … AND realize that she and her hubby were ready to bring another child into their family. She’s expecting her second child this summer at 43 years old.

TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS AT RETREATS. And yes, you can afford transformation.


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