Stop Living For the Weekend: Live for Today (Application Deadline is Here)

The worst feeling I’ve ever had is knowing deep down inside that I wanted to do something – whatever it was – and that I’d let the opportunity slip through my fingers because I talked myself out of it due to good ol’ F-E-A-R.

I’m sure you know that feeling too.

It SUCKS, right?

Then you’re stuck obsessing about what might have been, what could have happened, who you might have met, who you could have become, how things could FINALLY change for you.

And it doesn’t just bug you for a day or two, sometimes it is the beginning of a life of regret and the “living for the weekend” (I so used to be there).

I don’t want you to feel that way tomorrow morning, and the many mornings after that.

If you have a burning desire deep down inside of you to make a bigger life for yourself through your soulful business path, now is the time to act.

After today, you will no longer have the opportunity to step forward and be a part of this season of the Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Program.  Yup, the application window closes today.

Just think what you can accomplish in the next 9 months (as a mom, I chose that time period on purpose as women can literally create miracles and new life in 9 months!).

All you need to do is say a full-on YES (even if you’re scared).

I’m here waiting for you. So are a bunch of soul sisters who are walking the same path as you are. You don’t need to be lonely and confused anymore.

The journey starts this week. We so want you to be here!

Go for it.



P.S. Here’s a taste of the types of women who have heeded the call to be a part of the Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Program. This is from an application of a gal who said YES:

“I am committed to living a life I love, following my heart, being true to myself and sharing my gift with the world. After living a life of mediocrity I have decided NO MORE! I have applied for a voluntary departure package from my (unfulfilling) job of 10 years.

I did the 21-day video training program you created to uncover my gift and had amazing and deep results. I am committed to the development of my soul and my happiness, and that of my family and everyone around me. Things in my life are shifting at a rapid rate, I’m feeling happier than I ever have before as a result of following my heart and honoring myself, and I want to keep going.”

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