I Was Totally Stuck

Let’s go back in time together …

Back in late 2009, I was a first-time mom to my infant son Sean in New York City while I was simultaneously working on growing my 1:1 coaching business, leading new mom support groups, and consulting in the conference production industry.

While I was engaged in exciting projects, I had hit a wall.

I loved the coaching work I was doing, but I didn’t see how it could truly bring the financial rewards I was looking for (I was used to earning 6 figures in corporate). I wanted to quit my consulting work because it didn’t bring me pleasure, but I was scared to step away from that paycheck.

I was working myself to the max during my 3 days a week of work (I had no desire to go back to a full-time schedule), I was exhausted and felt stuck. I desperately wanted to touch more people with my message.

But how?

Just when my frustration level was sky-high and I was about to throw in the towel and start searching for a J.O.B. to pay the bills, divine intervention had me learn about this wonderful world called:

Online marketing.

I stumbled upon a conference led by a million-dollar business owner and sold my beloved wedding dress to afford the ticket to attend.

And while I am SO appreciative of this beautiful tool called online marketing as it’s allowed me to build a 6-figure business while working part-time from my beautiful HOME office in the #1 Small Town in America and spend lots of sacred time with my kids, my husband … and most importantly, my soul … what I’ve learned after 6+ years as an entrepreneur is this:

Online marketing isn’t enough to build a soulful, profitable business that lasts.


Running a business is no joke. It requires A LOT of your energy. There’s no reason to invest so much blood, sweat and tears to never fully get your operation off the ground.

Know this: the world needs you to share your unique gift through the vehicle of your beautiful business.

I’m committed to your success and will be hosting a FREE training webinar on April 1 to help you lay a solid foundation online AND offline for your 6-figure+ business that will change the world.

You can reserve your spot on the FREE webinar here now.

This will be the last training I offer before I give birth and I’d love to have you there.


Reserve your spot here now.

See you soon!

P.S. When you reserve your spot, you’ll also receive a beautiful, full-color “Sacred Marketing Puzzle” PDF poster you can hang up in your office to remind you of all the tools available to spread your big message. My gift to you!

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