Opening Up to the Flow of Abundance through Inspired Giving


I recently read through 30 college scholarship applications. This scholarship – the Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship – is given in my sister’s name.

My mom, dad and I started the scholarship 5 years ago to remember my sister and keep her legacy alive. Julie died of brain cancer in 1994. It totally sucked losing her.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

Starting this scholarship helped make things better.

We work with my high school alma mater in Florida to identify seniors who have overcome serious adversity and do it with a smile. We chose the winners based on character, leadership, mission and service. My body is all tingly right now as I contemplate who this scholarship will go to this year.


I give money from my business to fund the scholarship. While my parents have always been relatively tight and frugal with money, I love to GIVE. I just know that these students need the money more than I do … so I release it to them because I want to INVEST in our future.

And my contribution always comes back to me in such wonderful ways.

Giving opens us up to the wonderful flow of abundance.

I share this story with you to get you thinking about what CAUSE fires you up? What group do you LOVE to serve?

Do you love supporting education? Women’s issues? The environment? Politics? Civil rights? The arts?

The list goes on …

You can give in ways big or small … and it doesn’t really matter the size of your contribution … or if it’s money or time. What’s crucial is that you’re plugged into your WHY and your reason for being here on this earth.

If you need some help identifying your big WHY, keep your eyes open as I’m hosting the Soulful Business, Gutsy Life Giveaway starting April 23. I’ve assembled the dream team of female visionaries to inspire you to greatness. We all will be sharing FREE gifts with you with one sole intention: TO HELP YOU GROW.

The world needs you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, now. Ready, set, go.

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