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Now that I’ve give birth to my 3rd child, I’m thinking back to when I first started having babies and how my business has changed SO much since then.

Let’s go back in time together …

Back in late 2009, I was a first-time mom to my infant son Sean in New York City while I was simultaneously working on growing my 1:1 coaching business, leading new mom support groups, and consulting in the conference production industry.

While I was engaged in exciting projects, I had hit a wall.

I loved the coaching work I was doing, but I didn’t see how it could truly bring the financial rewards I was looking for (I was used to earning 6 figures in corporate). I wanted to quit my consulting work because it didn’t bring me pleasure, but I was scared to step away from that paycheck.

I was working myself to the max during my 3 days a week of work (I had no desire to go back to a full-time schedule), I was exhausted and felt stuck. I desperately wanted to touch more people with my message.

But how?

Just when my frustration level was sky-high and I was about to throw in the towel and start searching for a JOB to pay the bills, divine intervention had me learn about this wonderful world called:

Information marketing.

I was hooked.

Fast-forward 5 years later and I’m now a proud 6-figure business owner who has truly embraced doing business online to connect with my kick-ass tribe all over the world.

I work a part-time schedule (about 15 hours a week) from my beautiful HOME office in the #1 Small Town in America: Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

I’m fully engaged with my kids, my husband, clients, team … and most importantly, my soul.

Technology has made this possible for me.

And, after having so many conversations with entrepreneurs and women who WANT to be business owners, I’ve realized that so many smart, capable women do NOT know about the ins and outs of how to make money online (which is SUCH an amazing place to do business – you’ll see!).

You have to STOP repelling money from you and it’s simple to do this when you know how.

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If you’ve ever dreamed about earning a great living doing what you love, now is the time to make that dream real.

Let’s do this.


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