My 39th Birthday

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I rested A LOT after a successful launch of our course the Tribe Building Bootcamp.

Wow! And several of our new Bootcampers also became students in Get Gutsy University. Talk about GROWTH!

Congratulations to our crew of action takers.

Yes I rested this weekend, but I also got dolled up + danced with Steven at a gala for our kids’ school.

Stephen and Jenny with bun

And I gardened with my kids. We made a little gnome garden that they are in love with! It felt good to work with the earth. It felt good to RELAX.

So … my 39th birthday is in exactly one week! I’m excited. Some people get freaked out about getting older, but it’s something I celebrate. Having a birthday means I’m still alive and that’s a good thing!

And I have decided to create something EPIC for you to celebrate being alive.

It’s called BRING THE HEAT WEEK, and it’s a week of INSIGHTS, INSPIRATION + ACTION for spiritual entrepreneurs.


I created Bring the Heat Week to shine a light on some of the most powerful coaches + teachers I’ve had the good fortune to learn from on my entrepreneurial journey.

Bring the Heat Week gives you a front-row seat to these conversations with visionary leaders doing business their way, all the way. The interviews are real + raw + will inspire you to take gutsy action in your business and life.

You’ll be lovingly challenged to share your key takeaways from the interviews within our online community AND yours. Yes!

Plus, you’ll score a Bring the Heat Week Guidebook with the full transcriptions of the interviews + powerful resources mentioned by the speakers.


Grab your free spot here >>  

Alright, here we go. It’s time to OPEN UP to massive insights, inspiration + action.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. Thanks for BRINGING THE HEAT with me.

Gutsy leaders unite!



P.S. Curious who some of my most influential coaches + teachers have been since I started walking this entrepreneurial road in 2008?

See for yourself here + say YES to learning from them too >>  

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