Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

I’ll be honest, I’m nervous.



I’m about to embark on more expansion in my business.

Leading a live retreat + masterclass next week for 40 people.

Signing a contract for my first sacred retreat I’ll host OUTSIDE of the United States (Costa Rica, baby!).

Launching GLOW mastermind and committing to an exciting promotional strategy.

Investing more heavily in team.

And also I’m attending a retreat led by Gabby Bernstein this weekend! I went last year too and it cracked me open in the most glorious way.

So with the excitement comes the nerves.

Does that ever happen to you?

It’s like that old familiar voice starts up wanting to keep me safe.

That voice is really my Inner Critic.

It’s never expansive. Always restrictive.

But I’ve learned to put the Inner Critic on mute when I’m focused on creating more impact in my work, when I’m focused on creating something new, when I’m focused on growth.

And as CREATORS, we are ALWAYS moving into new terrain. We are always pushing the envelope. We are always experimenting.

And this often comes at a price.







Things not working out the way we hope.

Biting off more than we can chew.

Not having as much free time as we’d like with our families or friends.

But I’ve found that the more I deepen my SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP, the more I co-create with the Universe.

The easier it all becomes.

It’s kinda trippy.

I can say with conviction, SPIRITUAL GROWTH = BUSINESS GROWTH.

It’s a powerful concept.

One that I’ve been testing this last year interviewing spiritual entrepreneurs ascending to higher and higher levels of leadership and success.

My motivation for my podcast Get Gutsy was to get in there deep with these fascinating leaders and learn more about their journey and their spiritual practice.

I wanted to understand what made them tick.

I wanted to understand how they stay centered when life throws them curve balls.

I wanted to understand how they play at the top of their game.

I wanted to find a common thread uniting these different players and share that with my audience.

That common thread is a connection with source energy, the Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine, Goddess, Great Mother (different names, same energy).

This connection to SPIRIT stems from a willingness and discipline to go inward, daily.

When you do this, so many of your million-dollar ideas come. They literally start dropping from the sky like magic.

Still blows me away though I learn to trust the downloads AND am so much more comfortable with them happening ALL THE TIME.

What else does spiritual business leadership entail?

The guts to make moves even when you can’t see all of the steps that lie ahead.

The courage to listen to your audience and solve their problems through your elegant solutions (programs, courses, books, podcasts, workshops, retreats, masterminds, sessions, VIP Days, meditations, the list goes on!).

The mindset to price your offerings to profit and to be excited to SELL.

Being okay with the critics you attract and trusting that you can follow First Lady Michelle Obama’s advice here:

“When they go low, we go high.”


It’s been close to a year since I “came out of the spiritual closet” by positioning my business as the go-to for spiritual coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs.

I’ve gotta tell you: I was a bit concerned about claiming the word “spiritual.”

I don’t consider myself religious, but my spirituality has become more and more core to who I am.

I went to Joel Osteen’s Night of Hope a few months ago (obsessed with his podcast too!).

Have seen Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” tour.

I call in Spirit Guides.

Talk to angels (including my sister Julie).

Pray to God.

Meditate on mountain tops.

Keep crystals on hand.

Diffuse essential oils in my home.

Have been a practitioner of yoga for 15 years (planning an epic trip next year that will take me DEEP, DEEP, DEEP into my yoga practice).

Spirituality is one of my FAVORITE topics in the whole wide world (in addition to ONLINE BUSINESS + claiming your power as a LEADER).

People who love spirituality as much as I do are my FAVORITE people in the world.

I do my best work when I blend my FAVORITES into one juicy concoction.


And my results prove it.

Already in 2016, our revenues have grown 63% compared to this time last year.

Our list size has grown (and become stronger as we’ve released those who aren’t in alignment with this work and attracted those who are!).

My team has grown substantially. And these are amazing souls. Because dreams absolutely need teams.

I’m having A LOT more fun.

A lot.

I’m simplified a shit ton in my business.

Hired a business consultant and joined her mastermind.

Let go of commitments and relationships that were holding me back.

Said NO to a lot so I could say YES to the truly meaningful.

This is my 9th year in business and I can honestly say that I feel like I’m JUST GETTING STARTED.

I think that’s the biggest win.

What is spirituality and how does it play a role in your work?

I asked my tribe this juicy question and got some powerful responses I want to share with you.

“Spirituality to me is connecting with a higher consciousness. Whether it be with The Divine, One’s Higher Self, The Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, etc. It is an innate knowing of the truth. It’s trusting, and having faith that you’re fully loved and supported, even when things don’t seem to be going in the direction you would like. I’m a strong believer in, “Everything Happens for a Reason.”


We ALL have Free Will, yet, we continue to have faith in God’s plan for us. We do this by letting go and surrendering. Apply all this to your spiritual based practice, and speak your truth from the heart. Trusting that you are a channel/messenger in helping other’s shine their light, as well. Be authentic and spread LOVE.” – Tara Marulli


“Wow what a question. Spirituality to me is believing that a higher power (The Universe, The Divine, God/dess …) exists and is available to guide me. It means that I am not alone. It means I can surrender and trust. I can ask for insights. And when I listen, answers come.


My spiritual exploration resulted in an exciting evolution (which is still unfolding) in my business — working on your team! — which is already fulfilling, fun, lucrative and I do it all with ease.” – Elaine Wellman

Don’t be afraid to embrace your spiritual foundation and talk about it in your work. Many of us have been conditioned to hide for risk of being misunderstood or shunned, but I’m here to say: do not WORRY. Do not be afraid.

My spiritual relationship keeps me young, curious and wise.

My spiritual relationship is my biggest strength as a CEO, coach, wife, mother and human.

And it’s one of 6 golden keys that make up the strategic framework and crucial support for your beautiful, sustainable growth.

I’ll be sharing the 2nd golden key of SPIRITUAL BUSINESS LEADERSHIP in the next installment of this blog series so stick around, okay?

Because I know your mission matters.

And I want to help you MOVE YOUR MISSION FORWARD.

Want to learn from me on a free training I’m leading soon?

Awesome because I’m diving DEEP on how to harness these 6 golden keys to grow your spiritual online business in a free webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, August 11.

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It’s the anniversary of something really significant in my life that I’ll share more about on the free training.

Would love to have you join us! Going to be epic especially as it’s coming hot on the heels of my live retreat and masterclass I’m leading for my tribe the previous week. I always walk away from those events CHANGED for the better. Holy.

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Touch more lives with your message.

Leverage the tools of technology to expand your platform and make more money.

Launch your course.

Lead your retreat.

Close more sales, with ease and grace.

Rise higher in service to your tribe.

Go big.

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And I’d love to read your COMMENTS below… how does your spiritual relationship impact your business? Were you ever afraid to come out of the spiritual closet in your business for fear of what people may think? How did you overcome that?

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