The Making of a Coach [PART 1]: Quitting My Job + Redesigning My Life

The Making of a Coach [Part 1]When I quit my 6-figure corporate job back in 2007, the online space was NOT like it was today.

Facebook was in its infancy (I actually resisted joining the platform for so long as “everyone” was telling me I needed to join! I hate following the crowd – ha!).

Instagram didn’t exist yet.

There weren’t a ton of courses or program being offered.

The term “selfie” had not yet been born!

But I had the itch to be out on my own. To be a solo operator. To be in charge of my own destiny using my natural gifts and talents.

Before I left corporate, I spent about one month test driving being an Arbonne independent consultant (great products, but NOT the business model for me) and went through a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in New York City.

It was towards the end of my 3-month yoga teacher training course that I walked into work one day, broke down crying at my desk in my cubicle, called my husband, then mom, then boss to announce my resignation.

I took some time off, went to an ashram, prayed, meditated, and committed to finding my center again.

After applying to jobs I wasn’t really excited about and that would pay me A LOT less than what I was earning from salary and profit share from my last job (around $175,000/year), I came to the realization that I was unemployable.

This became very clear when I was rejected by lululemon for a retail job near Lincoln Center in NYC. I think I freaked out the hiring manager when I had my second interview and told her my big ideas for opening up new stores and taking the biz to the next level from a macro perspective!

My ego was freaking out and I was honestly very lost …

Now what would I do?

The first move I made to become self-employed was to take on freelance consulting projects.

The first dollar I earned OUTSIDE of my corporate life was to help a very wealthy, brilliant, yet scatterbrained man to position his new business in the market.

While it was fun to be out of the corporate grind, I learned very quickly that he was NOT my ideal client … and the work I was doing did NOT light me up.

And my reverse commuting 1 hour from Manhattan to Westchester to teach yoga to kids (sweet gig!) for $25/class was not going to cut it financially.

And the private corporate yoga class I was teaching once a week for $125 a class was a step up financially, but once I got pregnant with my first child I knew this gig would come to an end, and admittedly I was grateful as teaching yoga asana (the postures) isn’t my calling.

To plug the money hole, I started freelancing as a conference producer for a company headed up by a gal I used to work with in corporate. She was president of the company and wanted to hire me full time.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” I told her. I was honest with her that I was grateful and excited about the freelance work, but I was on another path …

What was that path?





I fell for COACHING so hard that I decided to make it my livelihood and commit to a 10-month coach training certification program to the tune of $9,000.

It. Was. Intense.

I learned a ton about how to be an AMAZING COACH.

I bonded with my classmates.

And I was fortunate to get clients immediately, which was total validation of my new path.

But being a great COACH is one thing … actually making a living as a COACH is a very different thing.

It’s time to shine a LIGHT here.

This is the first in a series about the coaching industry … and how I’m “making it” as a coach.

I’m excited to share my steps for sacred, sustainable success with you!


If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE a COACH …

(You’ve got questions like:

How do you hold the space during your client sessions?

How do you onboard clients?

What do you charge?

How do you work with clients?

What technology do you need?

What policies and procedures will keep you in business?

How do you actually get clients?)

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Is that you?


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