Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

Growing your business is filled with twists and turns and LOTS of decisions, everyday. Ever get stuck? Scared? Overwhelmed?

You’re standing there frozen with fear, not sure what to do.

You know you need to grow your team, but don’t know if you can afford the help (or quite frankly, deserve the help!).

It’s time to launch your transformational program or offering, but you aren’t clear what your first move to make should be.

You want to go to that event to meet major players in your industry, but keep making excuses for why you don’t have the time (deep down, you’re not sure you’re “good enough” to be in the room).

Time to slay some dragons!

Dive in as I share a game-changing tip that will help you keep on rising, making moves and staying relevant in a super crowded market.

On this video (originally broadcast on my Facebook page) I talk about what I learned at Space Camp, identifying and fixing malfunctions, and claiming who you are as a LEADER.

These examples all trace back to this truth >> YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO THE MISSION.

What do I mean by “mission”? Here are a few quotes I love about the concept of MISSION …

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Maybe it was the fact that I attended Space Camp as a young girl and applied to be the Commander of the missions my group led during our week at camp that has instilled a deep reverence for this concept of mission and its connection to your sacred work.

The death of my 12-year-old sister Julie when I was 16 has shaped me deeply, too.

How do you know for sure you’re still going to be around next year? You don’t. So don’t waste any time on stuff that derails you from your mission and robs you of your joy.

Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

Business is not just launching programs and serving our clients and posting on social media and making money to support our family.

IT IS SO MUCH MORE. SO much more.

When you can see that your business is a pathway to FULFILL your mission AND alter the course of history, then you go all in.

I’ve been ALL IN in my business since 2009.

That was the year I signed up for a 5-figure mastermind program with my first-ever coach Ali Brown. In that year-long program, I felt like I was going to business/entrepreneur school!

I learned a ton and totally redesigned my business model as a result and met super smart people (I attended live retreats and events several times with that program) I’m still connected to. I am not sure I’d still be in business for myself if I didn’t make that first big investment in my business like that.

Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

Many female entrepreneurs I meet aren’t willing or able to invest at such a high level for training and mentorship, but ever since that first experience I had in 2009 I know what happens when you do make that leap (even when your knees are knocking and you feel like you’re going to puke!).

I’m grateful I’m in a position to do so … and I know it’s my willingness to make offers and help more people in my business that gives me the cash to keep on making smart investments to grow my body of work in the world. It’s just how it works. (I’m proud to lead my own mastermind to give women the chance to grow beyond the beyond by working with me.)

I am also willing to hire team, change team members, and trust that I cannot do my work alone. Dreams need teams. (Who do you need to hire before the end of 2017?)

I see the LONG GAME. And I know what moves to make NOW to set me up for success in this quarter and beyond.

You MUST be around action-takers and growth-minded leaders if you want your business to get to that next level of revenue, profit and impact.

To fulfill your mission, you also MUST be willing to make TOUGH decisions in your personal life.

For me, that included moving my family from New York City to the “cultured country” of the Berkshires of Massachusetts 7 years ago. I knew this place was part of my spiritual journey. It didn’t make much sense at first – leaving the biggest city in the US when my coaching business was in its infancy to move to the #1 Small Town in America (voted by Smithsonian magazine!).

But deep down, I simply knew it was the spot I could put down roots with my family AND take my sacred work to the places it wants to go. Although my husband I were both very sad to leave our home in NYC, we haven’t regretted this decision for a minute since our arrival.

Last year we had another challenging decision to make.

Surrender to what our oldest son Sean was asking of us >> to HOMESCHOOL him. I nearly broke into a million little pieces when Sean refused to return to his 2nd grade classroom (long story!). After trying to force him back, touring other schools, and crying buckets of tears, I saw the signs and trusted where we were as a family with our son’s educational journey.

Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

We’ve now been homeschooling Sean for a year – and started homeschooling my middle son Luke this school year. THEY ARE HAPPY and learning the way that is best for them right now.

This is all possible because my husband Steven and I work from home and organize our schedules around our children. We have additional teachers who support the boys … and are also grateful that our 3-year-old daughter Kate is happy in nursery school 3 days a week.

I am a fucking time ninja.

I’m steering clear of energy vampires and time wasters. My mission is so strong that I don’t let anyone stand in my way for long. I can’t.

Relationships have been shifted or severed completely. “Friends” on social media who are constantly negative and combative and spewing fear-based ideas all the time on my posts have been unfriended and sometimes blocked altogether. (I keep my space clear.)

I listen to Spirit all the way and take guidance from my Chief Tribal Council.

Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

In January of this year while leading a mastermind retreat in Costa Rica, I received a clear signal that it was time to go “no contact” with my mother. This was a heartbreaking decision and one that I had tried to avoid for years.

Therapy, books (one of the best is “Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” by Dr. Karyl McBride) and friends who knew how I felt got me through many decades of trying to manage this relationship.

I had felt like such a failure here. I would see others with super strong and easy relationships with their mothers and that just hasn’t been my reality.

Well this year I finally broke through. I surrendered and realized I couldn’t fulfill my MISSION, homeschool my kids, be the mom and wife I want to be, take care of my home and be healthy in body, mind and spirit staying IN this relationship as it currently was presenting itself.

I pray for my mom and carry no ill will towards her. I love her and am grateful for her and what she’s taught me (a lot of lessons!). And I know that hurt people hurt people.

I’m trusting that if and when we are meant to come back together, we will. I’m in faith around the divine timing of it all.

I’ve healed the story that says I’m a bad daughter and a bad person and even healed the story that says I can’t share this with you, my community.

I’ve healed the shame.

I’ve held back publicly sharing this until now. I was afraid! My clients and close friends know because I fully trust them to be tender with my heart. They know who I am.

Someone who has known me for a long time witnessed me recently saying I was ready to set myself free around this. She saw me and encouraged me to tell the truth.

I’m stepping into the WILDERNESS (thanks Brene Brown!) by sharing this with you now.

Not so that you can feel bad for me or proud of me … but so that I can inspire you to do what needs to be done to fulfill your mission.

You’re allowed.

This won’t be easy. You will be tested. And you can do this. You are safe.

Everything is at stake. Because you’ve said YES to being the Commander of this mission. And you won’t quit.

Your Responsibility Is To The Mission

Because you are a Gutsy Leader of Wisdom. And the world needs your sacred work more now than ever.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a part of MY mission.

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