I See Things Before They Happen

It took me many, many years to understand my powers of SEEING.

I have a gift for seeing events in the future before they happen.

When I was younger, this ability freaked me out. I used to push it away. Doubt it. Darken it.

Until I surrendered … and embraced this ability for the betterment of my people and myself.

I can SEE the power and potential of a venue, an experience, a program before it actually occurs. Then I create something TANGIBLE out of THIN AIR.

With the SEEING, comes the FEELING.

The visual opens me up to the TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE that will be had.

I’ve harnessed this power to lead more than a dozen retreats through the years(this email contains some OMG shots from my most recent retreat in TULUM – saw these images before they actually happened) … oodles of programs … and more creative projects than I can count.

I trust my hunches … because I know they are taking me to where I’m meant to serve at my highest level.

I’m being called into greater levels of service and expansion … and it feels absolutely amazing (and at times, terrifying too!).

One thing you’ve gotta deal with on this quest > REJECTION.

 You’re going to be told NO more times than you’ll be told YES. Ain’t no shame in that, love! REVEL IN THE NO. Because you’re that much closer to an ALIGNED YES.

Easier said than done?

I feel you.

Today on my FB page Jenny Fenig, I gave a talk on DEALING WITH REJECTION.

It was powerful. Thanks to everyone who came!

Here’s a link to the video.

Excited to see your comments when you watch!

Click here to dive in now.



PS – Full moon energy tonight. Very, very powerful time.

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My intention is to help you create more GROWTH in your spirit-led business. Something you’ve gotta know >> the more shots you take, the more you’ll make (and the more you’ll miss).


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The Making of a Coach [Part 3] – Leaving NYC + Blowing up a Broken Business Model

The Making of a Coach [Part 3]

** This is a continuation of a multi-part series on how I’ve built my coaching business. If you missed part 2, check it out here. If you missed part 1, check it out here. **

Our couples retreat at Kripalu for our 5 year wedding anniversary in 2010 gave us the idea to leave New York City.


Within days of the retreat ending, we had made our decision to move.

Three months later we bid farewell to our castle in the sky on the Hudson River.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts became our new home in the cultured country in the Berkshires.

We knew about 5 people total in our new community, but it felt totally right and adventurous.

People often ask me how Steven and I BOTH left NYC for the country. (Many couples who make a move tend to have one person who still commutes into the city.)

How did we make the work thing work?

You know how? We were both self-employed.

For him, he was and still is a sports television producer. He didn’t need to be in NYC for his financial livelihood. He simply needed to be willing to travel to football and basketball games in the Northeast.

For me, I was growing my business as a COACH to women.

My business was still in its infancy in 2010, having completed my coach training certification program in late 2008.

I was in the midst of a year-long mastermind, training and coaching program led by entrepreneur superstar Ali Brown. And my mind was EXPLODING with possibilities of how to grow my mission and do it on my terms.


And I had clients … plenty of them. Almost more than I wanted with my 1-year-old son and another baby on the way.

I had no desire to work with clients every waking hour of the day or have a telephone attached to my ear.

Sure, I loved working from home in my PJs if I wanted to, but I craved freedom and space in my schedule, and I was realizing that the business model I was taught in my coach training program simply wouldn’t work for me.

I had to shake things up to save my business so I could touch the lives I’m here to touch.

First up was offering up VIP Days to women who wanted to spend the day with me strategizing about their career, business and life goals.

I hosted these at my home and LOVED the terrain we’d cover in these deep-dive sessions. We made so much progress in one day – it made me see the power of focused connection with clients who were heavily invested in their growth.

I also got the idea when I moved from NYC to the Berkshires to host a women’s retreat in the country for my clients and tribe. A getaway of sorts.

In a flash of insight, I called it:

The Retreat for Goddesses.

I birthed the website within weeks of birthing my second son Luke.

A few months later, I hosted that retreat with 16 women from around the country while I pumped my boobs on breaks (nursing mama’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!).

It was one of the most magical and mystical experiences of my career.

Retreat2011 - #1

From there, I launched a 9-month coaching program and started the journey of building various income streams with consistent cash flow into my business.

I found my clients had much stronger results when they had training curriculum and cohorts along on the journey, in addition to my coaching.

This was a huge light-bulb moment for me and one that I’ll forever be grateful to my private coach at the time Angelique Rewers for DRILLING in my head.

I was on the way to massive growth, but was crushed at the end of 2011 when I realized that my revenues were the lowest they had ever been in the history of me being out on my own – $30,000 – and my profits were almost non-existent.

I vowed to turn things around in 2012 and take the business past the 6-figure mark.

So, I hustled like a wild woman and went on a creation spree!

I hosted a series of live workshops called “Goddesses, Guts and Glory” (often I’d host these at yoga studios) and launched my 8-week group coaching program called the Live Your Dream Challenge.

Vision boarding is a huge tool in my life and I love teaching gals how to use this tool. After having led SO many vision boarding workshops in person, I decided to create a video workshop that we could sell online!


I hosted more VIP Days for clients and continued serving my clients in my mastermind program called the Gutsy Goddess Society.

Free teleclasses were my thing! I used them to spread the word about my offerings, grow my list and enroll prospects into my courses and events!

Experimentation was the name of the game!

I sponsored a webinar with Ladies Who Launch.

I campaigned to win a global entrepreneur contest and won 2nd place (and a new Apple computer!).

I traveled to business meetings and joined a high-level mastermind led by Fabienne Fredrickson.

I grew my team by hiring an Online Business Manager to work alongside my Virtual Assistant. I invested in Infusionsoft as my CRM platform (and spent the next few months freaking out about that decision, but am so glad I took the plunge!).


And I did it all while working about 20 – 25 hours a week and spending lots of sweet time with Steven and 2 sons Sean and Luke.

My yoga practice continued serving me in huge ways during this growth period.

And of course I hosted the 2nd annual Retreat for Goddesses, this time doubling our numbers with 30+ women attending. The retreat was held at a Tibetan Buddhism-based retreat center called Menla Mountain that was so, so sacred.

mandala (hi-res)

We went deep. Tears were shed. Leaps were made. Connections solidified.

In addition to my talks on my areas of expertise, the gals heard from a tarot card reader and intuitive; as well as a shaman and yoga teacher.

I even had a firewalking guide come and lead some of the women through a firewalking ceremony. I’ll never forget this!

hot coals

I always want to bring my unique brand of medicine and my “voice” into all I do. That has been a key to my growth and to withstanding the test of time online when a lot of coaches come and go.

Knowing HOW to coach has also been crucial in growing a business that lasts.

I would NEVER have been able to create all of these different offerings – workshops, retreats, private coaching packages, masterminds, VIP Days, teleclasses – if I didn’t have the necessary SKILLS and TOOLS of a master coach.

Coaching is an art and a science – one that can be learned, but not faked.

And I did what I set out to do: 2012 was the year my business broke 6 figures in revenue. I was thrilled!

But with each new year brings a fresh slate and a chance to start over.

Could I repeat my success as a coach, mom, wife and business owner in 2013 without burning out like I had so often done in the past?

And that is where we will pick up with the next post in our series on “The Making of a Coach” …


If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE a COACH …

(You’ve got questions like:

How do you hold the space during your client sessions?

How do you onboard clients?

What do you charge?

How do you work with clients?

What technology do you need?

What policies and procedures will keep you in business?

How do you actually get clients?)

… then you’ll want to check out Get Gutsy Coach Training School (enrolling for our amazing January 2017 class now!).

I also invite you to come to my upcoming free webinar where you will see what’s possible when you say YES to packaging your magic + fully stepping into coaching.

Click here to grab your spot now.

I’m looking for a gutsy crew of leaders who are ready to transform into CONFIDENT COACHES who are changing the world with their GIFTS.

Is that you?


Fly Your Freak Flag High + Proud


Imagine this:

  • You launch your newest creation online and within days it sells out
  • You write a blog post that goes viral, netting you an invitation to speak at a MAJOR industry event
  • You receive cards, gifts, emails, phone calls from happy clients, customers and fans thanking you for changing their life
  • You build a community of thousands of like-minded peeps eager to hear your message and learn from you
  • Your email is filled with opportunities from prospects and sales from customers – and this all happened through the power of automation
  • You design a lifestyle that fuels you on the deepest level
  • You can’t wait to get to work everyday doing exactly what you were put on earth to do

It’s all possible. All of it. All of your crazy drama around not enough clients and not enough cash flow and not enough time can go away.

But not until you GET KNOWN ONLINE.

The Internet is here to stay and it’s up to you to maximize it to its full potential to help those beautiful people you are here to serve.

Ready to step up and get serious about growing your body of work?

In a survey with entrepreneurs, I uncovered some major FEARS. Can you relate to any of this?

  • Failure
  • Loss of money
  • Not being able to get clients
  • That people won’t want to buy what you have to offer
  • If it’s not “perfect,” you can’t launch it
  • Spending money you don’t have
  • Not knowing how to get known to the clients who need you
  • Being visible
  • Not enough time to get it all done
  • Fear of success and leaving the pack behind
  • (The list goes on!)

If you said OMG YES, you’re not alone.

I’ve been there, done that since I started on this entrepreneurial path in 2008.

When I left my lucrative corporate life behind in November 2007, I didn’t realize all of the pieces of the puzzle that would be required to succeed as a coach.

I thought just being an AMAZING COACH would be enough.

No, no, no.

I was wrong.

It was when I started learning from entrepreneurial powerhouses who had created HUGE engaged tribes that I realized the power of TRIBES.

And since then, I’ve been on a mission: to lead my tribe of spiritual business leaders to answer the call of their soul through their gorgeous body of work.

Because I didn’t want to cap out at only being able to help a handful of clients at once.

My time on this planet, in this body, in this lifetime is limited.

I’m not going to be selfish by keeping my gifts to myself or only sharing them with my private clients.

I KNOW it’s possible to touch millions of lives with my message.

And I know it’s possible for you too.

It’s time to go further.

How have I attracted a community of tens of thousands of email subscribers, readers, podcast listeners and social media fans?

I FLY MY FREAK FLAG high and proud.


That’s right.

I don’t try to be like everyone else in the coaching space.

I REVEL in being my unique self.

And I bring this into all I do.

At my live retreats, I’ve incorporated amazing experiences like firewalking, hiking, vision boarding, hula hooping, yoga, hot tub masterminding, dancing, healing circles, and shamanic rituals … to open up crucial space for business growth.

In my courses and programs, I weave in guided visualization and meditation to anchor in the experience.

On my podcast, I’m totally me. I say whatever flows through me. I don’t censor or edit out the realness.

In my book, I GO THERE. I expose the deepest parts of my story to give the reader permission to celebrate the wound that is your message.

3d book image

We believe in creating a high-touch company to make our students and clients feel welcome and loved.

Cards in the mail, notebook covers featuring student photos, and welcome phone calls are standard operating procedure for our sacred leadership incubator and mastermind called GLOW and our epic experience for coaches called Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

GET GUTSY GALAXY is the name of our tribe.

I’ve been into celestial energy and space since I was a little girl.

I even went to Space Camp when I was in middle school and was Commander of our mission (had to apply for that position and write an essay about why I was the right person for the job).

The stars, sun, moon, planets and galaxies totally inspire me. Hence the GALAXY name and branding for my tribe.

I LOVE coming up with names and taglines and brand identity for my creations. And I LOVE helping my clients with this. It’s DEFINITELY in my Zone of Genius.

A total blast for me.

And a total game-changer for your business.

This is how you’ll get the attention of your tribe.

With the world moving a million miles a minute these days, you have to be compelling to get anyone to stop and stay for a while.

This is an art and a science.

And it’s totally doable.

When you know what’s up with your people.

FB banner

Tribes matter.

It’s a crucial piece in your puzzle.


This is the missing link for you.

Until you truly say YES to growing your business by BUILDING YOUR TRIBE, you will stay exactly where you are now (or worse, you’ll quit because it will get too freakin’ hard).

Once you get this, everything will shift. EVERYTHING.

One of my favorite quotes of all time about the power of a TRIBE can be found on this gorgeous graphic:

tribe weirdos

That’s right: Your vibe attracts your tribe.

For sure.

Want to learn about how to FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG + ENGAGE YOUR TRIBE on a free training I’m leading?

Awesome because I’m diving DEEP on how this as one of the 6 golden keys to grow your spiritual online business in a free webinar on Thursday, August 11.

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.

It’s also the anniversary of something really significant in my life that I’ll share more about on the free training.

Would love to have you join us!

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.

Touch more lives with your message.

Leverage the tools of technology to expand your platform and make more money.

Launch your course.

Lead your retreat.

Close more sales, with ease and grace.

Rise higher as a LEADER in service to your tribe.

Help more people.

Have more fun.

It’s time to GLOW.

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.


And I’d love to read your COMMENTS below… Your vibe attracts your tribe. What’s your vibe? Who’s in your tribe?

You’re a Freak (It’s Okay: We All Are)

I’ve been diving in to the awesome pictures from ALCHEMYLive photographer Judi Esmond Martin.

This is one of my personal faves so far. My girls holding up pictures of their FREAK FLAGS that they created at the event.

Yup, I gave them an assignment to actually MAKE their freak flag and celebrate their freaktasticness. It was rad. (I always have crayons at my events … and one gal got so creative she went outside and put flowers and leaves on hers!)

Admit it: you’re a freak.

We all are.

And that’s a beautiful thing.



Then watch with awe as your tribe steps forward to celebrate with you!

When you are YOURSELF, you give your crew permission to be THEMSELVES.

In a world that so tries to push us to CONFORM, it’s SOOOO liberating and refreshing to be around mavericks who bring their WHOLE selves to life.

Are you ready to be FULLY YOU as you share your gifts with the world?

Don’t water yourself down.

Don’t be boring.

Don’t hold back.

Your business will grow, your soul will grow, your happiness will grow.


Wow. Oh wow.

How will you celebrate your UNIQUENESS today?


No need to hide anymore.

You’re safe here.


How to Create a Sacred Work Space

Sacred Work Space

Gutsy biz chick! You need to make your space sacred so you can create your best work. It’s so true.

I don’t care if you worked in a tricked out office, your kitchen table, a spare bedroom or a converted closet, being intentional about your space is a game-changer.

In this Get Gutsy TV episode, I share a few tips on how to create the coolest workspace possible for you. I also give you a tour of some of my most potent tools I keep in my studio.

Fill your space with beautiful things that make you FEEL something in your body.

When you bring more sacred into your world, you’re able to bring this out to others and allow them to feel what they need to feel. It’s one giant loop. It starts with you bringing more sacred into your space.