Quit Using Money as an Excuse: How to Afford Something Right Now

How often do you use money as an excuse to keep you from moving forward with something you really want or need to grow your business? 


As my wise friend Jennifer Longmore, a guest speaker at the Business Adventure Summit, says, “It’s actually never about the money. It’s about your RELATIONSHIP to to it that keeps you from being in ‘harmoney’ with it.”


True, so true.



When I first invested in high-level coaching, the price tag scared the crap out of me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to “afford” the investment, but I also knew the path I was on was unsustainable. I’d be out of business and back at square zero really soon. I had to do something other than just sit there.


Deep down in my gut, I just knew that with the right guidance and connections I’d recoup the investment and then some (and I SO did).


I’m sharing this story with you now because all the excuses around money have got to stop. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to MAKE GOOD on your investment in yourself.


When I was presented with that opportunity of growth back in 2009, I could have easily said “no, I can’t afford the $13,000 investment. My business is still in its infancy. I’ll just have to keep struggling by myself.”


And that could have been an option if I wanted to stay STUCK. Instead I stretched myself asking “How can I afford this?” I found a way to make it work, did the INNER and OUTER work required, and grew my biz by leaps and bounds since then. 


And you can too. 


There is NOTHING wrong with buying yourself what you want when you can afford to do just that. I encourage you to learn to trust and listen to yourself about what you want and why you want it. Learn to start investing in yourself and your growth.


Of course there are times when it’s wise to wait. There are certainly times when you can’t afford a luxury. BUT … there are plenty of times when you can afford to do something really great for Y-O-U. The person you need permission from is the gal looking back at you in the mirror. You’ve got to be your own best lover and fan.


I’m going to share an exercise with you now because I bet you SO want to grow your mission, message and business. Am I right?


Well I’ve got a warning for you: the “I can’t afford it” excuse for something you know will get you closer to cashing in on your calling in the world is a trap. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, who will be? Seriously. Betting on yourself is the safest gamble you can make in life.




Here’s your assignment …

  • Take out a notebook and write down 50 different ways you can make money right now in your business/career (an opportunity you haven’t said yes to yet, a prospect you can call) or in your personal life (housesitting, painting classes, selling something you don’t use anymore, etc.). Nothing is too crazy or far-fetched to write down.  This is a mind-stretching exercise to help you get more creative about finding solutions.
  • If you stop short of 50, keep going until you write 50.
  • You’ll then take action on the best 5 this week.
  • Rinse and repeat this exercise any time you need to free up some funds to move forward growing your gutsy business and juicy life.



I share this exercise with you because the “I can’t afford it” excuse for something you know will get you closer to living YOUR big dream out in the world is a trap. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, who will be? Seriously. Betting on yourself is the safest gamble you can make in life.


When I wanted to attend my first biz conference as an entrepreneur back in 2009, I sold my wedding dress to earn the cash to buy my $1500 ticket. My beautiful dress got a new life and my biz got catapulted in the right direction.


When I wanted to free up some cash around the holidays and clean out my closet, I sold a few Coach bags I had outgrown. Cha-ching = $500 in my pocket.


When I wanted to attend another biz workshop last year, I bought my $1300 ticket and then scored a few clients immediately to help fund the ticket.

money heart

It’s called being a rainmaker. You too can make rain … and create cash on demand.

Drop the excuses and try it. It works!




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